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Leading to "understanding of needs" and "solution" from an international perspective
Our activities

International Cooperation and SDGs

International Cooperation

As an advisor to solve social problems in Japan and emerging countries, it will help regional revitalization and multicultural coexistence.

Human Development

Human Development

Hearings with companies seeking technical support for foreign residents in Japan and young people in developing countries, as well as foreign human resources.



We will help companies build branding by utilizing SNS such as their own media and Facebook pages. We also accept SEO measures etc.

Web Production

Web Production

We accept a series of directions from WordPress construction to article writing writing and banner production design.

Video production


We accept Youtube video editing, company PR video production, and business trip shooting of the materials you want to shoot.

Healthcare and Workout

Healthcare and Personal Trainer

We provide training programs for those who want to "diet", "improve their competitiveness", and "improve their mental health".

To create a cozy lifestyle that suit me



A world where everyone can create a "sustainable economic model" that allows them to "express freely" and decide their own way of life.


You only live once
Since it is a one-time life, I want to create a way of life that I will not regret. Our aim is to solve "social issues" by taking on challenges that transcend all boundaries such as sector, country, race, and culture.


Beauty of Myanmar

Susumu Shimoda

Introducing famous tourist destinations in Myanmar and information on unexpectedly unknown local areas. Photos of places and scenery visited by the author are posted. There are still many untouched "undeveloped lands", and the beauty created by nature and the merits unique to that land remain, so we decided to publish this book to convey the charm of Myanmar.


Talk about Myanmar

Susumu Shimoda
E-book and Paper back

Since October 2018, I have been involved in athletics instruction at the sports college in Myanmar. I would like you to know the current situation of Myanmar sports and what kind of country Myanmar is by telling the actual situation and issues of Myanmar sports, the contents of activities I have done in Myanmar, hardships, successful experiences, etc. This book will be published this time.


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