Future of Myanmar


Why focus on to Myanmar?

What kind of country is Myanmar?
・ Area: 680,000㎢ (1.8 times that of Japan)
・ Population: 54.05 million (2019)
・ Official language: Burmese (Myanmar)
・ Capital: Naypyidaw
・ Ethnic groups: Burmese (70%) 135 ethnic minorities
・ Religion: Buddhism (90%) Christianity, Islam
・ Industry: Agriculture, natural gas, manufacturing

Asia's Last Frontier

■ Myanmar had been separated from the international economy for about 50 years, but with the transfer of civilian rule in 2011, economic sanctions from Western countries were lifted, and it suddenly became the "last frontier of Asia" all over the world. Attracted attention from. On the other hand, the infrastructure is still underdeveloped.

The Myanmar government promoted economic liberalization, and the domestic economy was booming with the influx of development assistance and direct investment from overseas. Japanese companies are also becoming more interested in Myanmar.

■ Imports of used cars increased sharply in response to the deregulation of imports after the transfer of civilian rule, and then the restrictions on imports of used cars were tightened, resulting in an increase in the number of new cars sold. With the rapid spread of smartphones along with the Internet, the spread of online banking has surpassed that of Japan.

■ After the transition to civilian rule, offices and foreign luxury hotels were actively constructed in Yangon, and ODA was resumed. In addition to the construction of the Thilawa Industrial Zone near Yangon, the development of core infrastructure such as railways is being promoted with a ODA loan. With such remarkable development, the investment rate in Myanmar is increasing among neighboring ASEAN countries, and it is supporting economic growth.


Burmese national character

  • Many Myanmar people are devout Theravada Buddhists, and they are mild and friendly.

We help each other on a daily basis, and according to Buddhist teachings, we are accumulating merit by improving good deeds, and it is thought that if we do bad deeds, we will return to ourselves. It's good.

  • Burmese take seriously what is given

However, on the other hand, it may get tired quickly and may not proceed as planned, but the background may be the strength of aspiration to constantly introduce new things without wanting to maintain the status quo.

  • The spirit of providing services that respect the other person and respect manners and courtesy

With a humble attitude, he treats you more than you. According to one survey, the number of times Myanmar people help people in a day is the second highest in the world, and it is said that it is a kind country.


Educational situation in Myanmar

■ Myanmar's compulsory education period is 5 years for elementary school (KG + 4 years)

■ KG is a period for those who will be 5 years old by the beginning of June of that year to enroll in one year of preschool education.

■ In Myanmar, "Grade system" is applied instead of grade XX

■ Myanmar's primary education is compulsory, but the school enrollment rate is about 80%.

■ The number of elementary schools is about twice that of Japan

■ The number of schools approved by ministries is limited, and there are many private schools and monasteries.

■ High school enrollment rate is as low as 12%

■ Myanmar has a "high school graduation certification exam" called the "Sedan exam"

■ "Sedan test" is a very important test for Myanmar people

■ If you fail the "Sedan Exam", you will be considered a junior high school graduate and it will be difficult to get a job at a domestic company.

■ The "Sedan Exam" consists of 6 subjects: English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Burmese, and Biology, all of which are in English except Myanmar.

■ If you do not get 40 points or more out of 100 points in all subjects, you will be rejected.

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