Representatives' feelings for international cooperation




A world where everyone can create a "sustainable economic model" that allows them to "express freely" and decide their own way of life.
A world where a "sustainable economic model" can be created


You only live once
Since it is a one-time life, I want to create a way of life that I will not regret. Our aim is to solve "social issues" by taking on challenges that transcend all boundaries such as sector, country, race, and culture.
Our goal is to solve "social issues".

Experienced international cooperation in developing countries

Since I was a student, I have a strong desire to explore new things and see a world I do not know, so I experienced international exchange and studying abroad in Australia. I was dispatched to Myanmar as a JICA overseas cooperation team.

On the first day of my assignment, I saw small children begging on the road, and in the first developing country, I saw a different situation from the poverty I had imagined. I was shocked.

In order to create the future of the country on its own, to build the foundation of the education system and deepen the knowledge of the people, to stabilize the situation to close the gap between rich and poor, to improve the social and economic infrastructure, I thought it was necessary to solve issues such as industrial and technological development and disaster countermeasures.

And I was keenly aware of the need to increase the potential of human beings in order to lay the foundation for laying the foundation for human beings, and I was skeptical that the potential would be deprived in the environment in which they were born. .. After returning to Japan, I began to focus more on social issues such as "education," "poverty," "difficulty," and "infrastructure," and helped solve those issues. I also want to be.

Therefore, thinking "what can be done from Japan?", Technical support through online, Japanese language lessons and webinars for Myanmar people, and to convey experiences and situations in developing countries to students. We are giving a lecture. In addition to this, while working on various things such as publishing language teaching materials and books, making videos, I am practicing by making use of ideas such as what I should do, what I want to do, and what I can do.

In carrying out such activities, planning, research, preparation, practice, etc. are all managed by ourselves, so we were able to increase our own information gathering power, management power, and dissemination power.

From my experience like this, I think that there are immeasurable "information", "potentials" and "opportunities" in the world. By experiencing them, you can find "thoughts" and "values" that you couldn't notice until now.

However, many people in developing countries do not have sufficient education in their own countries, have little knowledge, and do not have the opportunity to come into contact with overseas culture and the latest technology.

Through activities and contact with people in developing countries, I will continue to do various things from a global perspective, "for a new future of international activities" and "for the development of human resources who will create a national platform." I have come to want to return my own experience to Japanese society by engaging in various activities.

In a society where internationalization is advancing, projects that can demonstrate leadership in each field, create a country on the overseas stage, support international human resources, and collaborate with each organization. I feel that it is our mission to publicize the significance and necessity of measures in management, holding events, and such specialized fields and measures to as many people as possible, including the national government.

Through my studies in developing countries, I reaffirmed the significance of international contribution by using Japanese knowledge and high technology, which has achieved rapid postwar reconstruction with the support of the international community. I think it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to the people who will be responsible for creating the country in the future, using Japanese technology and experience.

Also, when I was working in an international collaboration, I was proud of my work and thought about what I could do as a Japanese, and I saw the people who are working on it, and I will continue to be international. I felt that I would like to be involved in activities to solve social issues from a perspective.

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