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Current status of "exercise" and "heart"

The rate of exercise performed once a week or more in adults is "about 60%"
The percentage of people who feel lack of exercise is "about 80%"

About 1 in 30 Japanese people go to the hospital or are hospitalized due to mental illness.
One in five people have a mental illness throughout their lives

A view of life that changes in 20 minutes a day

Just doing "exercise" for 20 minutes a dayhas the effect of changing your life from today and increasing the happiness of human beings.
The University of Illinois has researched the content and amount of exercise, the optimal timing, etc. for the effects of exercising for one day to improve mood, concentration, and mental health.

..It has been confirmed that the activity of the brain was very activated just by having the children walk lightly for 20 minutes.
..With just 20 minutes of light exercise, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a substance that grows the brain, is secreted, activating the human brain no matter how old you are, and the brain cells It increases the number of connections and brain cells and secretes substances to grow the brain.

The strongest training for busy modern people

The number of modern people who are overwhelmed by work and household chores has become a lifestyle that is far from healthy. There are three factors that make a person healthy.
It is "meal, exercise, sleep".
Above all, "exercise" is inevitably neglected.
"I want to exercise but I don't have time" "I'm tired and not motivated" "I'm tired" ..
Many people spend today for various reasons to affirm that they do not exercise.

Then, what if there was "the most effective exercise that can be done in just 10 minutes while staying at home"? I can't make excuses anymore

Do you know "HIIT (heat) training"?
You can get a fat burning effect in a short time
High afterburn effect
Improving endurance
Mitochondrial activation
Various movements can be combined
Rejuvenate with anti-aging effect
You can get these effects in just 10 minutes.

The best way to train your mental health

If exercise changes the appearance, how can you change the inner impression? The best scientific thing is to do "meditation".

The effects of meditation are:

・ Control of anxiety
・ Improvement of anxiety
・ Stress relief and stress tolerance
・ Diet
・ Improvement of neurotic tendency (improvement of mental weakness)
・ Appetite control
・ Concentration
・ Resilience (adversity)





Mental support such as self-control and self-compassion



From people who want to diet to athletes, we support you toward what you want to be.



The most important thing about exercising is to have fun. Supports sports as entertainment


Service contents

Healthcare support

We support efforts to increase productivity in daily life from daily trouble consultation.

Curriculum creation

We will create a curriculum tailored to each individual's goals, characteristics, and levels.


We support you according to your lifestyle, such as online or face-to-face consultation and guidance.

Past Achievement

Healthcare management / Sports instructor

Training Guidance Training / Management
So far, I have been involved in sports for about 15 years as a player / instructor. Based on "training theory," "psychology," "nutrition," etc., I tried to devise a training menu and a guidance system suitable for each individual. We also provide mental support.

Teaching example

Teaching example:
Engaged in teaching, training and management in Burmese for local junior and senior high school students at the Physical Education Research Institute in Yangon, Myanmar, with the aim of improving sports levels.
【Job Description】
・ Teaching and training and management in Burmese for about 60 students aged 13-18 and teachers ・ Curriculum development and technical support and training for teachers in consideration of student issues, characteristics and abilities ・ Ministry of Health and Sports Presentation and Curriculum Monthly in Burmese
Submission of report
・ Using videos, analyze the movements of athletes, grasp issues from them, and select improvement measures.
・ In order to improve the local sports level, which has been sluggish for many years, we quantified the data obtained from control tests and changes in development, repeated comparisons and analyzes, and worked to understand issues. As a result of implementing the improvement measures found there, we succeeded in improving the students' records by about 30% compared to the previous year.

Active as an professional player

Athletics Player
From the first grade of elementary school to the present, I have experienced various sports such as "gymnastics, baseball, basketball, skiing (alpine, crocodile, jump,) athletics" as a player. Among them, we are still conducting athletics training "4 days a week", and the usage of the body is evolving year by year. In addition, he has a wide range of knowledge about training and contributes to improving his competitiveness.


・ 2008 Gunma Prefectural Elementary School Track and Field Record Meeting Long Jump 4th
・ 2013 Gunma High School Rookie Track and Field: Long Jump 5th
* 2013 (Heisei 25) Gunma Prefectural High School Men's Ranking 9th in the long jump
・ 2014 Gunma Prefectural High School Overall: Long jump 5th
・ 2014 Kanto High School Track and Field: Long Jump 9th
* 2014 (Heisei 26) Gunma Prefectural High School Men's Ranking 8th in the long jump and 9th in the triple jump
・ 2015 National Vocational School: Long jump 1st, Triple jump 2nd, High jump 3rd
・ 2016 Kanto Championship participation: Triple jump
・ 2016 Kanto University rookie participation: 4 × 100R
・ 2016 National Vocational School: Long jump 3rd, Triple jump 1st

Achievements (20~)

・2022 3rd Saitama Masters Athletics Autumn Record Meeting (Ageo Tournament)
M25 shot put (7.26kg) 2nd place (9m 07cm) * New record in competition
M25 Javelin Throw (800g) 1st Place (43m77cm) *Competition New, M25 Kanagawa Prefecture Record

・2022 37th Kanagawa Masters Athletics Championships
M25 long jump 1st place (6m33cm) * New record in competition
M25 triple jump 2nd place (12m59cm) *M25 Kanagawa prefecture record, New record in competition

・2022 35th Saitama Masters Athletics Championships
M25 standing five-step jump 1st place (15m34cm)
M25 long jump 1st place (6m59cm) *M25 Kanagawa prefecture record

・2022 1st Saitama Masters Athletics Jumping and Throwing Record Meeting
M25 Standing quintuplet 1st place (15m70cm) *Competition new, M25 Kanagawa prefecture record
M25 long jump 1st place (6m15cm) * New record in competition

・2022 40th Tokyo Masters Athletics Championships
M25 ball throw 1st place (80m81cm) * New record in competition


・ JAAF official junior coach and sports coach 1

・ Infant physical education instructor 3rd grade

・ Leisure Sports Instructor

・ Elderly exercise instructor

・ Ski grade test 2nd grade

・ Mental care psychologist


Training to improve competitiveness

Instruction to athletes

HIIT (abdominal) / HIIT style abdominal muscle workout

HIIT Workout (High Intensity Interval Training)

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